Monday, February 16, 2009

There is so much going on right now, that I hardly have time to eve write about it!  This past weekend we finished up hanging the kitchen cabinets.  Technically, we kind of finished last weekend, but there was some 'scope creep' (a little industry lingo meaning that someone changed the original project by adding on – and yes, that someone was me) and it took a little longer but looks awesome!
First, I might have suggested that the microwave cabinet be pushed out with two 2x4's so that in addition to being taller, it would also be larger (which would help the crown molding fall on the side, rather than hit the door).  BUT, if we are going to have the sides stick out, they should probably be wrapped in bead board (like the stove cabinet).  

AND, we might have bought the wrong size bead board, causing us to go BACK to Lowe's again.  BUT, I told them (husband and his brother) that it was OK, because they could get it when they get the bead board for the refrigerator cabinet that needed to be built.  
THEN I realized that the guys from Casa Blanca Granite and Marble said they would install the granite sometime early this week, and well, if the granite is being installed, shouldn't we have the corbels and bead board on the island before?  So, we stopped the door painting and went to Home Depot to buy that.  And again, it looks awesome. 

When we bought our cabinets, we could have bought matching boards to wrap around the back, but they were $70/ each and we would need 4.  Instead, we bought two sheets of bead board (@ $35 each) and ordered the matching stain with the cabinets.  That will occur sometime in the near future.
The kitchen is well on its way and I couldn't be more excited.  We bought a sink with a single bowl that is pretty huge!  It's black composite granite.  And despite a previous post about the granite, we changed our minds on colors (surprise!) and opted for a beautiful piece of "New Venetian Gold" for the island and "Absolute Black" for the back counter. (Which rocks because I can go back to the really cool crackle pendant lights over the island!)

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TJLoop85 said...

The renovation looks pretty good so far. I cannot wait to see the finished product. The corbels look great and I'm sure once the counters are installed it's really going to look great.

Keep up the good work.