Thursday, February 26, 2009

The kitchen comes together

The granite is completely installed and we got an amazing deal on it!  
There was a tiny bit of miscommunication (in that I don't think we actually told the granite guy we changed our minds...) and we ended up with the Black Galaxy instead of the Absolute Black.  So there are tiny little gold flecks.  But I think they look brown and will tie into the cabinets really well once we antique them.
Here is the kitchen from a distance.  The island is New Venetian Gold (there's a great vein running though it that you can barely see from here)
Here is a close up of the sink.  It's a granite composite (we were offered a free sink, but it would have been stainless steel, and free is good, but all my fixtures are Oil Rubbed Bronze, so we thought the grey/black look of the granite would work best.  OK, Brad didn't actually care, but I did!).  We bought one from Home Depot, but when we gave it to the granite guys, they noticed that it had a funny back lip that slanted.  Which was a design feature to hold an in-sink cutting board, but would have looked strange.  So we took it back, and bought this one from Lowe's (And it was about $80 cheaper, which was great!)

This is the small side wall by the refrigerator cabinet.  I still LOVE the microwave cabinet!  These are a great solution if you don't want to do the mircohood vent or have it sitting on your counter.  We originally wanted to have a really cool roll-top cabinet that sat on the counter where we could hide the microwave and other small appliances, but when we decided on the corner pantry, that idea fell to the wayside (because it would have been in the corner - and now there's no corner).
And the last wall we got completed (at around 5 pm on Sunday) is the stove wall.  Instead of dropping a bunch of extra cash on a stove cabinet that is deeper and adding decorative spacers with legs (that whole set up would have cost $600!!!), we pulled the cabinet out from the wall 4 inches and wrapped the sides in bead board.  Before we stain it, I might add two small round "feet" under the edge to really make the stove area pop and look like a piece of furniture.  The added a rounded edge around the stove area, which is the feature that I really wanted!  So, we have a very high-end looking kitchen, but at a fraction of the cost.  

Total cost on cabinets= $5,500
Total cost on granite= $3,500

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