Monday, February 23, 2009

So, it began...

We started on the mountain of trim!  Sadly, Lumber Liquidators has let us down, and our wood is not in at the expected time.  AND because of some "regulations" at National Home Center, our tile is not in yet either.  *Sigh*  So, we had to address the trim - despite extreme resistance on my part! We painted all of our trim with Semi-gloss, Antique white (right off the shelf) from Lowe's.*
This is the set-up in the garage:
And after several hours, three coats each, we have:
At 16 foot long each, and about 25 of them, we have about 400 linear feet of base board.  I really hope that's enough!  Next, we tackle the fluted molding I just had to have, as well as the rosettes and base caps.

*While at Lowe's picking up our bathroom vanity cabinets, I got to have this conversation:
Guy: So, you guys are in here a lot.
Me: Yeah, we're building a house.
Guy: I used to see you guys in here, like, every day.
Me: Well, it takes a lot of planning.
Guy: I haven't seen you lately, so I figured you finished.
Me: Nope, really just now getting started.
Guy: Alright, well, guess I'll see you tomorrow then.
And then I REFUSED to go back later that night when Brad suggested we pick up some painting supplies. (Which meant that we ended up going three times on Saturday!) We go there so often, I duck or turn my head so the carpet guy wont see me.  He seems to be the only one who finds our frequent visits funny.  And the nice lady in the shelving department followed us back there (without us asking) because she knew what we needed.
Saddest part?  I can tell you all their names. But I wont.

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the undomesticated wife said...

That's funny! There's a store in town on the square that is sort of a doggie boutique, and the owner knows us by sight, too. We're in there buying dog treats quite often. :)