Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've been pretty busy lately so I thought I would just drop in with a quick update!  They started on the stacked stone Monday.  Rain Tuesday prevented any work, but today is beautiful [but windy] so it could get finished -those guys work fast!
You can see that the trim is just about finished (actually from this pic, it looks done) and it makes the roof look even more brown.  I love it!
There is debate about the front door - yes, still.  I want the St. Charles *sigh* and the cost-conscious person in this relationship wants a cheaper one.  I don't think the cheaper one would look bad, I mean, it's still a solid teak door... just... Oh well, I've won most of battles, so I'm not upset by this if I let him have his door.
Be on the look-out for updates on paint – we finished the entire house in one weekend thankyouverymuch! and will finish the kitchen cabinets this weekend, so that one will follow too!

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