Friday, November 21, 2008

Putting the vain in vanity, maybe.

Our guest bath is small.  Not super small, just your average vanity, toilet, tub/shower small.  Which is fine.  Because we don't ever plan on using it.  
If we could build a house that was 2,000 sq. ft. and was a one bedroom, one bath, we would.  Except we would have to die there and then burn it down around us because nobody in their right mind would buy that house.  
So, we have two spare bed rooms and an extra bath for resale purposes only.  (Which is moot if you think about it, considering that Brad declares that this will be the last house we ever own.  We'll see.)
So, to help with the tight bathroom, we designed it to have a pocket door.  I have always thought those were cool.  It's like a wall that appears when you need it then hides the rest of the time.  OK, so maybe they aren't that cool, but still, I wanted one.
We went to the Garage Sale Outlet and found this little beauty.  Super cute!
It was only $300.  The others are a bit more, but they also came with a faucet.  Which, I have been told are crap.  If you get a vanity from there, be prepared to replace it.  Instead, I found a hardware guy on Ebay who is pretty great.  I bought all three bathroom sink fixtures from him for only $54 each.  (Search Dynasty Hardware on Ebay if you are interested)  They are sturdy and a really nice color – oil rubbed bronze.

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