Friday, November 7, 2008

A good foundation

The foundation began the day after my uncle cleared the lot.

They dug out the footings  and poured the concrete.  (Sorry for the blurry image, I was still learning how to master the iPhone.)

From there, rows of bricks were added to build up the back left corner of the house (the master) and bring it up at least two feet at the highest point of the dirt.  The slope of our property was a little more than the surveyors said, so we had to wait for more cinder blocks to bring it up to the final height (which is about 7 feet tall off the back!)

After that, donnafill was poured into the blocks and stamped down.  Donnafill (yes that's how it's spelled) is the by-product of crushing granite rock.  So inside the cinder block base, under the concrete is granite.  This foundation is not going anywhere.

Finally, the concrete was poured.  This has to cure for one day before we begin framing.

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