Thursday, March 26, 2009

Island Lights

We finally got to hang our lights over the island.  The electrician put the wires in the ceiling, but did not cut any holes.  He wanted to wait until we had the island installed so that he could make sure they are equally spaced apart.  The middle one is centered right in the middle, the far left [from this perspective] is right over the sink.  And despite being small, they light the place up pretty well.
I found these guys at Lowe's (did you even wonder?) and fell in love with them!  They have a great crackle finish and blobs of blackish spots that actually have glitter in them.  Sounds strange, but looks really nice. (Except the glitter kind of scratches your hand when you try to screw in the bulb!) And they were only $12 each.When we finally went to pick these up, wouldn't you know it, I could only find one.  So I clutched it to me, searching in vain for two more.  No luck.  So we get to the check out, where one of the guys we know starts teasing us.  I mention how I couldn't find any more of these globes.  Within a few minutes, someone else appears with 4 more! I was super excited.  I ran right into the house and put them up.  Brad might have had to pull me away so we could unload the heavy thing from the truck.  

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the undomesticated wife said...

Love the lights! We recently bought a pendant light at Lowe's as well. They are super inexpensive and make such a huge difference!