Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shedding light on communication

This morning, I eagerly ran over to the house to see if any windows had been installed.  They had!  Except, several of them are wrong.  Maybe I'm being overly critical, but the 6x8 windows are only 6x7, and the three others on the front do not match.  One opens up, the other has a strange line down the middle, but the other is correct.  

Oh yeah, and the doors are hung in the wrong place.  My sliding glass door is in the master, and the french door is in the dining room.  I actually ran out there last night, but it was dark, forcing me to return this morning for further inspection and photographic evidence.  The workers were loading up when I noticed that the doors were in the wrong place.  So, I had this conversation:
Me: Excuse me, do you speak English?
Guy loading up: No.
Me: (trying to remember Spanish class from 10 years ago) Los puertos son...malo.
Which is Spanish for "Kelli is a retard."
Guy: *blank stare*
Me: Dammit.
I found someone who spoke enough English that he was able to nod in all the right places and finally say, "Tomorrow?"  Which, I whole-heartedly agreed.  I wasn't going to make these guys fix the doors at 6 p.m.
The morale of this story is, I have to keep a watch on this house daily, else it go awry and, I need to learn a lot more Spanish.

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