Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Master Bath

Our master bath has been something of a (you guessed it) problem.  But this one isn't really a bad problem, just that when I stand in the great room and look around, I can visualize everything around me.  I see the cabinets.  I see the paint on the walls.  I see everything. 
But, when I walk in the bathroom, all I can see are studs.  
A month ago, we scoured Carries Flea market. What we were looking for, we weren't sure.  A dresser where we could cut a hole in the top for a sink?  A cabinet to go with the dual vanity we found elsewhere?  Legs from a dining room table that could be used to 'spice up' a boring vanity?  Who knows.  What we ended up finding was this:
It's solid wood and has a slightly rustic charm.  It had a light coat of poly on it and we stripped it down.  We went to our home-away-from-home, Lowe's and bought some stock cabinetry to go on either side of this piece.  Our plan is to use the bottom to store towels and the top will house all the junk that normally resides on the counter top.  Since the house is custom, we are having an extra outlet placed behind this so the hairdryer and all the cords can stay neatly tucked into this cabinet.  
So, we set out to stain the cabinets.
Which, looked really, really good.  Except that the PINE armoire and the OAK cabinets took the stain in completely different colors.  (Yes, just like the display shows!)  So, we sanded those pieces AGAIN and painted them.  Which came out like this:
There will be a matching vanity cabinet to the left as well.  We are pleased with the results.  We also bought a few decorative trim pieces that will help tie the three pieces together.  We are looking for mirrors that mimic the curve of the armoire.  If we can't find something, we will probably be building our own.

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